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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 29, 2017 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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this is cnn breaking news. we again with the breaking news on this wednesday afternoon. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. another powerful man is out of job at a parent inappropriate behavior at work. this time it is matt lauer. long time coanchor of the "today" show whose name is synonymous with morning television. nbc news says he was fired after a detailed complaint by colleague about inappropriate
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sexu sexual behavior that happened at the olympic games. savannah announced it on the "today" show this morning. >> at the moment all we can say is we are heart broken. i'm heart broken for matt. he's my dear friend and partner. and i'm heart broken for the brave colleague who came forward to tell her story and any other women who have their own stories to tell. and we are grap blipling with a dilemma these past few weeks. how do you reconcile your love with someone with the realization they behaved badly. and i don't have an answer to that. >> we have a lot standing by. but let's begin with brian stelter. he also wrote a book about the show. i know a lot of people woke up
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this morning tuning in thinking it would be another day and at the top of the hour people were shocked. what happened? >> these allegations date back to 2014. a woman came forward to nbc on monday night with a detailed complaint saying that lauer had behaved inappropriately. and all over in russia for winter olympics. so she says this relationship that's inappropriate relationship started then and continued after the olympics. we don't know the details, however, we don't know how she described the behavior. i was told that she didn't use the word assault. but she may have described a pattern of harassment. we don't know the details or her name. she's remaining anonymous. >> is she a current employee? >> she is. what we do know on tuesday it was investigated on nbc and by tuesday night he was fired. we heard from the lawyer from this accuser saying she didn't want money. didn't come forward for a settle.
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. just wanted the company to do the right thing. that's what we are hearing from accuser side. what we don't know are there other stories coming out. "the new york times" and other stories are don't know when they are going to come out. that's what informed nbc decision to fire him. >> stay with me. joining me now to talk about matt lauer firing. the host of divided states of women for fox media. also with us gold in washington. she's our politics media and business reporter. so jamie, i wanted to talk to you and full disclosure for everyone, before cnn, you were at nbc for much of 30 years working with matt and others on the "today" show. when you saw the news this morning what was your first reaction? >> i was shocked.
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i want to say before anything, no one condones any kind of harassment. i think it's also important to say we do not know many facts in this yet as brian just said, there is very little we know. but i've known matt and worked with him for more than 20 years. and nothing that i have seen or heard would ever lead me to believe that he would harass someone. it's just not the person i know. >> can you tell us more just about the culture at the "today" show? >> so it's interesting, someone, a reporter called me and asked me about was there a bro culture at nbc? >> a lot of guys. >> a lot of guys. here's what i can tell you, i was there for more than 30 years. so when i started, there were many more men than women. but the "today" show is a very unusual place. i would say, i don't know the
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exact numbers, about 80% of our staff at the "today" show was women. it was perhaps the most forward-looking workplace for women. it was one of the first places to have job shares for working mothers. to have people work at home. so at the "today" show, absolutely no bro culture whatsoever. >> i want to go back in time a little bit. because it's significant in this whole bigger conversation. before this movement and all these people coming forward, there was bill owe really and fox news. i want you to watch matt lauer with bill o'reilly. >> you were probably the last guy in the world they wanted to fire because you are the guy that the ratings and the revenues were built on. you carried that network on your shoulders for a lot of years. so doesn't it seem safe to assume that the people at fox news were given a piece of information or given some
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evidence that simply made it impossible for you to stay on at fox news? >> that's a false assumption. there isn't any-smoking gun. >> but you don't let your number one guy go unless you have information that makes him? >> that's not true. >> he was tough on bill o'reilly. i remember that interview. do you watch that differently now? >> i was just watching it now, if you replace fox news with nbc and bill o'reilly with matt lauer it can be almost the same. he commanded a top salary amongst all television anchors and really helped create the "today" show into a huge money making machine for nbc. just the amount of money that that show brings in for the network, undeniable that he himself carried a little bit of that on his own shoulders. so really ironic to be watching that interview and say that's something like what happened
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here. clearly the evidence was damming flu enough that they decide they have to work out so quickly. >> my heart goes out to savannah she's an incredible woman, and thinking about that mika, people don't understand when you do morning television you are up far too early. and these people, they are your dance partners, these are the people who know so much about you and your lives and your personal lives. and so i felt for her when she was talking about being heart broken, not only for the allegations and this woman who has come forward, but also for her good friend matt. >> right. and i think that's how a lot of people felt watching that. we all sort of got texts or calls from our mom's or gra grandmother, this is the first public figure that is accessible to people, and turn on the "today" show and felt like it was a friend.
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so often when there is people, big public figures who have worked, talking about al franken and women coming together we only have great things to say about him, ssnl, it still sort f happened and we have to be careful how we talk about it. for me i can't help but notice all of the chances that we have given men and the lack of chances that we haven't given to women. when you look at matt lauer's age, for example, as he has aged his co-hosts have remained the same age. many women were pushed out of the "today" show. katie couric. you talk a lot about the cut throat world. she said matt lauer had a bad habit of pinching her behind. >> i think that was a bad joke. i went back and looked at that i think that was "today" show humor. i don't think that was the case.
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we should also say katie couric left the "today" show. that was her dream job. >> there is ageism though. >> there are very few women of matt's age on the air. >> we love it. love you. >> other than wolf blitzer i'm the older person on the air here. so that is fair to say. but i just think, you know, with katie, that's the case. i want to say something else about this. and, again, we have to preface it by saying we don't know very much about this. but one of my concerns, in general, watching this story unfold, you have been at the forefront. >> harvey weinstein two months ago and ever since. >> and we have lots of different kinds of harassment. and that's a very general category being thrown in one bucket. we have accusations like harvey weinstein where talking about assault. we have allegations of rape.
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we have other charges where someone touched someone on the behind. we don't know what's happened in matt's case on either side. he hasn't said anything yet. >> you don't want the case to be deluded by a deluge of people coming forward with that's things. >> i'm concerned. i want all harassment to be taken seriously. but i also think we can't jump to assumptions that all of these cases are the same. and i want to make sure that when there is assault, rape, a terribly hostile work atmosphere, people losing their jobs, that that is taken seriously. >> do we know how long, brian, nbc knew about this? >> we know they were aware the last few weeks, we know variety and "new york times" were making phone calls. but what do you do if are you a boss? you don't have an hr complaint on file against matt lauer but you know reporters are making
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calls trying to find out. so they kept him on the air. anchored the thanksgiving parade last week. last night decided to fire him. tough decisions by the company's. this is not just nbc or last week cbs. seeing these in different industries. been fired by minnesota radio. just fired today. you know, thinking about the case of john lassiter, he recently said he was going to take a leave. there is a spectrum. different kind of charges against different men in different industries, all are serious but different. and in the case of matt lauer we don't know what he's being accused of. >> here's my hope, i don't want all of these people coming forward to have a chilling effect on women being hired. if there are men in power who say well we don't want that female intern this summer
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because i don't want to take the chances or women up and coming. that's my worry. >> what if you are a male boss and hiring someone traveling on the road with you? >> i hear you loud and clear. >> equally. >> i know, it's tricky. it's serious. but i appreciate all of you here. and again we don't know all the facts in this case with regard to matt lauer. i know you are digging. we are all trying to figure out what's going on. thanks all of you very much. >> coming up here president trump is headed to missouri to push tax plan. but there is separate controversy white house on the tive. we'll talk about that. also ahead outrage overseas, theresa may is firing back
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saying president trump is in the wrong. and after two-month manhunt, major development in the search for serial killer in tampa. how people found suspected killer and weapon but still questions surrounding a motive. you are watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. we'll be right back. the game changes.n you're introduced to something so luxurious, anything else is a disappointment. there is a high definition, touch-screen display that's bigger than my tv at home.
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if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be stopping for more pills right now. only aleve has the strength to stop tough pain for up to 12 hours with just one pill. tylenol can't do that. aleve. all day strong. all day long. we are back. you're watching cnn. i'm brooke baldwin. president trump coming under hea heavy scrutiny today. two days after being condemned for using racial slur against native american. and once again the white house
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is defending the president after he retweeted these videos by far right group. these show purportedly showing muslims and beating a disabled boy. they came from jay da fras enwho h fraz in. earlier the president declined to talk to the media or explain why he retweeted the videos. >> today not so chatty with members of the media there. but here he is from the white house. this is white house response on those tweets. >> whether it's a real video, the threat is real, and that is what the president is talking
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about. that's what the president is focused on is dealing with those real threats. and those are real no matter how you look at it. >> look, i'm not talking about the nature of the video. i think you are focusing on the wrong thing. the threat is real and that's what the president is talking about. >> let's talk in london were my colleague phil black. and before we talk about who is jay da franzen is, we know the british has responded to the president and retweets. what has she said? >> yes, brooke, british prime minister didn't want to say anything, but today through a spokesman she said president is wrong by saying it. through the hateful narratives. british people overwhelmingly reject the prejudice rhetoric of the far right which is the antithesis of theal views these
11:20 am
countries represent, decency, tolerance and respect. that was from the prime minister. and we have had stronger statements from other today as well. bri britain will tell you they are defending traditional values of the people. but the more widely roll is they are often racist. the woman, deputy leader whose tweets circulated widely has been convicted for hate crime for harassing a muslim woman on the streets. she is facing other charges. so the roundly held view here also from notably the london mayor, the first in london, who has been in twitter arguments with trump before, he made the point this is organization that needs to be condemned. their views should not be amplified. >> this is who the president
11:21 am
retweets. phil black. thank you. talked about the british prime minister, theresa may condemning president retweets. the out cry came in fast and furious today including the response of a huz of a murdered member of parliament. remember the story about joe cox, she was shot and stabbed by a man who reportedly shouted, put britain first as he was attacking her. her husband brendon cox tweeted, quote, trump has legitimateized the far right in his country, now he's trying to do it in our ours. spreading hate he had has consequences and the president should be ashamed of himself. so i have two pooh em wipeople with me now. dana, what is going on in the oval office? >> i wish i could answer that question. and i know i'm up on capitol hill right now. there are lots of the president's fellow republicans who are, once again, in the very
11:22 am
uncomfortable position of having to answer that question themselves. and they have similar voters. they have similar constituencies. and in many cases, yet, clearly most of them do not agree with this, do not support it, are trying to kind of put their hands on their ears and saying, la, la, la, i don't hear it, but that only goes so far. that's what's happening in the hall ways. that only goes so far. because at the end of the day the president of the united states retweeted videos, real or not, that have a content and have a source that is racist, that is bigoted, and that is nothing that this country should stand for, and it has the effective stamp of approval from
11:23 am
the leader of the free world. and it's really hard to wrap your head around that. >> well, our lawmakers may be wearing earmuffs, but chris the eps in london are not. this is mp tweeting trump first. let that sink in. he is no ally or friend of ours. you are not welcome in my country or city. it makes me wonder, chris, what are world leaders thinking of us? >> i would take a look at the last 48 hours, brooke, from pocahontas, the reference of native american to this, to the tweets about matt lauer to the effect that he was on the phone with chinese president this
11:24 am
morning and i don't know how you can look at this and think we aren't entering some new phase on donald trump. yes he prides himself on being unconventional. but this borders owner rattic and wild what he's doing here. and i've said this before but i think especially now, dangerous, while north korea continues to test missiles, while we live in a fraught and tension filled world, we have a president who, as dana point out, is engaging in the sort of stuff that you would likely condemn if a local shock jock radio host did. and this is the president of the united states. >> maggie would agree, she was on today this morning, she was doing reporting that i believe the words she used unleashed. that something does seem a foot in the last couple of days. adding to the reporting out of the times, a couple of things,
11:25 am
one, the president, all behind closed doors, even though he acknowledged acknowledged access hollywood is his voice, denying it behind closed doors. voter fraud, not true. and third still questioning the authenticity of president obama birth certificate. dana, i'm not sure i'm asking this, but is there something seriously wrong about him? >> listen, i'm going to taens that answer that by reminding you what bob corker has said, yes, he is concerned about that and he is concerned about world war iii breaking out. that was no small thing. and that is still ringing sort of in the hall ways here and probably should be across the country and even the world. again, whether it's here or outside the oval office with the
11:26 am
president's chief of staff who said just last week or the week before, once again, that he doesn't see that it is his responsibility to police the president's tweets, that's a good job insurance policy, it makes sense. because it's not policeable, it's pretty clear. if you want to keep your job as chief of staff or anything in the white house. but that is the president's main mode of communication. and the main way that he has an impact on the world. and it's pretty hard to put your head in the sand if you are chief of staff to the president or you are a senior member of the republican party and pretend these like tweets are not happening. i think if there is a bright side, and i'm really reaching here, it is that he's not putting the things that maggie and jonathan reported in "the new york times" on twitter yet. >> can i add something to dana point though? >> yes, go ahead, chris. >> look, i think the fact that
11:27 am
you have sarah huckabee sanders who is the white house press secretary, the official spokesperson for our federal government, our white house, saying, it doesn't really matter if these videos that trump retweeted are real or not, the point is still the same. no, it does matter, in a very real way. i hate to keep using the word real, there is a difference between the videos real or not. and the fact that the press secretary seems to say there is flot not a difference. and whether the president looked at whether they were doctored, he didn't, he is flexible from fact. he continues to show it every day. >> can i say one thing quickly, brooke? >> yes. >> many times when we see this out lan dish behavior, it is because he doesn't want you to watch the bouncing red ball over
11:28 am
here, he wants you to look at the one he's creating over here. and that might be the case now. but we are also in a situation where what were you and i talking about this time yesterday, the fact that he had a very success sful meetings here on capitol hill with the tax bill that he's trying to push through. that he did a good job by all accounts in twisting arms and wheeling and dealing and doing the kind of thing he's supposed to be doing to finally get a legislative accomplishment. >> yeah what about a good flap on the back? >> yeah. >> we all seem to be functioning in the same world of facts and not being flexible and takes it to whole another crazy level is. thanks for the conversation. and quick programming note to all of you, tonight the husband of that murdered member of parliament that we just mentioned joe cox, husband will join anderson cooper to talk about how he feels and the ramifications of these trump
11:29 am
retweets chlt. coming up now north korea is calling latest missile launch gift pga package for old lunatic trump. those are direct quotes. the president says he will take care of that. but what does he mean by that. we are live on the korean peninsula coming up. (avo) when you have type 2 diabetes, you manage your a1c, but you also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. non-insulin victoza® lowers a1c, and now reduces cardiovascular risk. victoza® lowers my a1c and blood sugar better than the leading branded pill.
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president trump has just put north korea on notice after the nuclear armed nation fired off more advanced missile yet. president tweeting, just spoke to president of china regarding
11:34 am
north korea. sanctions will be imposed today. the situation will be handled. the missile, by the way, which experts agree could hit anywhere in the mainland u.s. was airborne for just less than an hour and soared ten times higher than the international space station before ultimately plunging into the sea just west of japan. so let's go to will ripley who is live for us in seoul, south korea. what sort of response are we hearing from north korea? >> you know, there is it a real swagger in the north korean messagingment a messaging. and i noticed this talking to them in the last couple of weeks. and this further bolsters that swagger. and we saw that in a state media. this is quote from north korean military officer saying, quote, i seem to see old lunatic trump
11:35 am
and rift rafts daunted by our gift package, referring to the icbm. he seems the more desperate the lunatic remains in such provocations, the stronger dprk will meet. it's sort of like matching president trump's taunts, they haven't forgotten those words from earlier this year, fire and fury, locked and loaded. and of course the nickname for the supreme leader little rocket man. >> that's right. a lot of people wondering when the president says we'll take care of it, what it means? will ripley we'll have that conversation next hour. in the meantime, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell saying getting republicans to back the tax plan is like a rubric cube. he has a short speech live
11:36 am
pictures in saint charles. we are standing by for that. also, a mid reports the president is taughting the obama birth they are conspiracy, we are going to take a look at his statements that cross a line. stay here.
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let's talk taxes. you know republicans, they want to get the tax plan passed by christmas and right now president is in missouri. president set to speak next hour in saint charles, a suburb for the white house. and the stakes couldn't be
11:41 am
higher in pursuit of first victory of 2017. so let's go straight to phil mattingly our congressional correspondent up on capitol hill. so the big victory got through the budget committee this time yesterday. the house version, the senate version starting to look similar. that has to it be a good thing. what are the next couple of steps? and are those same hold outs or wild card members of congress, do they remain the same? >> they remain the same. but at least willing to move the process forward. and that's very important. you saw that yesterday. and you'll probably see that in a couple of hours. they'll vote on the floor to take the bill up. start the process on senate floor. i think the big issue is republican leaders and the president himself made a lot of commitments yesterday in that closed door lunch, two senators gave a lot of deals in principle to get their support to move this forward. now you actually have to put pen to paper and turn that into legislation and get that process moving forward and go through the technical aspects too.
11:42 am
so they think certainly have the votes. senator john corrine said we have the vote. matter of technical fixes before we head to vote this afternoon. but the hard work, work that's actually going to get this over the finish lines, that's still going on behind the scenes, brooke. >> we see a packed house in saint charles, missouri. we'll see how the president plans to sell this as all this wheeling and dealing is happening on capitol hill. thank you so much. and we'll take the president as he speaks there next hour. president trump hitting the road after "the new york times" report that indicates he's still questioning some of these conspiracy theories, right, that the authenticity of former barack obama birth certificate. there was also where he sold senator warren pocahontas. but again this time as he was standing in front of native american war heroes. and those aren't are the only
11:43 am
controversial statements. >> he routinely says things that encourage racist view points. >> donald trump's dig over elizabeth warren over pocahontas. >> and pocahontas is not happy. she's not happy. she's the worst. >> but when the insult was repeated in front of native american, world war ii. >> they call her pocahontas. >> only violence followed. >> they called it a racial slur. but sarah huckabee sanders customarily defended her boss. >> i think that's a ridiculous response. >> isn't the only time he crossed racial lines. >> he suggested that account tear protesters have blame, while defending those marching with white supremacists.
11:44 am
>> you had bad people in that group. but you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides. >> as the nfl players protest against police treatment of african americans evolved, he was quick to demand their firing, tweet biology it numerous times. he is as president who he was as a candidate. >> look at my african-american over here. look at him. >> while he bragged about support among minorities, he built his base by demionizing them. >> they are rapists and some i assume are good people. >> and american judge trump argued was bias against him. >> his mexican heritage. and he's very proud of it. >> you have sacrificed nothing. and no one. >> the muslim mother of an american soldier killed in combat. after her husband spoke against trump during the democratic convention. >> she was standing there. she had nothing to say.
11:45 am
probably maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. you tell me. >> he relentlessly suggested first african-american president obama wasn't born here. >> and long after evidence proved five young men, all minorities had been wrongfully convicted for a savage rape in central park in the 1980s, trump refused to believe it, saying the fact that that case was settled with so much evidence against them is outrageous. >> still in characteristic fashion, trump has defended himself against charges of prejudice. >> i am the least racist person. >> are you bigoted in any way? >> i don't think so, no. >> islam phobic? >> no, not at all. >> when people saying you are racist or whatever it is, that has to bother you or compare you to hit letter, newspaper covers. does that bother you?
11:46 am
>> if that were true it would brother me tremendously. >> to be sure the president almost always doubles down on his remarks. and his defenders deny any racist intent. but of course for those critics those denials are less and less convincing as more examples pile up. >> coming up, florida neighborhood terrorized for two months finally gets news, suspected serial killer has been caught. we'll tell you how a gun recovered at an mcdonald's may have cracked the case. every day we hear from families who partnered with a senior living advisor from a place for mom to help find the perfect place for their mom or dad thank you so much for your assistance in helping us find a place. mom feels safe and comfortable and has met many wonderful residence and staffers. thank you for helping our family find our father a new home. we especially appreciate the information about the va aid and attendance program. i feel i found the right place. a perfect fit.
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spree began to terrorize a tampa neighborhood, there was finally been an an arrest here. 24-year-old howell donaldson is now charged with four counts of first degree murder. investigators say he randomly killed all of these victims all in the same neighborhood. police say the an arrest came after a tip from donaldson's coworker at a local mcdonald's. >> it was about 2:30 in the afternoon when howell donaldson showed up to the mcdonald's where he worked and gave a bag to a coworker. the coworker opened the bag when mr. donaldson left and found the gun inside. didn't think much of it. just thought it was strange that there was a gun in there. and gave the bag to a police officer who was in the mcdonald's. that was the bit of information that we were looking for. that is what we needed. the gun is what we needed l the
11:52 am
same gun was used in all four murders. >> let's go straight to cnn rosa flores who is live there in tampa. rosa, you are live. can you hear me? i'm thinking she can't rosa flores, it's brooke. we're live. >> no one is talking to me. but i'm going to guess that is a no. we'll move on and try rosa again in just a second. coming up here on cnn after some wheeling and dealing on capitol hill, president trump makes tax plan to main street, missouri. can he sell it directly to the voters? we'll take that live. and this reckoning over sexual harassment claims now taking one of the biggest names in morning television. he really has been the "today" show for years and years matt lauer out. what we know about the complaint against him. and just in reaction from one of his former coand chores, ann
11:53 am
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all right. let's try this one more time. we'll talk about this tampa serial killer apparently caught with rosa flores who is live now with us. let's go again. tell me more about who this person is. i know you just got back from the neighborhood where apparently he grew up. what are neighbors saying about him? >> reporter: you know, i talked to a neighbor who has known him for 20 years, brooke, and he said he is in disbelief. he said until donaldson looks in the eye and says i did t he'll believe t he says he's a kid
11:58 am
that wouldn't say a bad word. hung out with his son all this time. they grew up together. he said he just feels that police have moved too quickly to make an an arrest and to also file those charges. i want to show you around. because this is the mcdonald where that employee that police say called in with a tip saying that donaldson had handed the gun, the murder weapon, in essence, to an employee, and that employee then picked up the phone, called the police, and we know what happens next. that is that police questioned donaldson for hours, and they say that this weapon, brooke, is the weapon indeed the weapon that was used for these four killings that started on october 9th. but, brooke, you have to think of a few things though, which is what this neighbor is saying, that there is no confession and no motive at this moment. >> sorry to those four people
11:59 am
and their families and neighborhood. i know they don't at all feel at peace but how frightening for them for all this time. rosa flores, thank you so much. we'll stay on this. and, guys, are these live pictures, i believe they are. here we go president of the united states touch down in saint charles, missouri, watching him shake hands as he has left washington. we've know he had lunch with republican senators yesterday talking taxes. it was a huge victory for them as it passed through the budget committee. so he's now to try to sell it it to americans as he stands before a crowd in saint charms and away he goes momentarily. p much of the political world is focused on these three jaw dropping retweets that he sent out this morning before heading out on air force one. they show anti-muslim videos from a leader of this far right group called britain first. the videos which cnn has not
12:00 pm
verified, purportedly show muslims murdering a teenager, smashing a statue of the virgin mary, and beating a disabled boy. so they came from this woman jada franzen this leader in britain first which has been con visited of a british hate crime. just before leaving for missouri the president declined to explain his retweets. >> [ inaudible question ] why did you retweet an anti-muslim video? >> so let's go back to missouri where ably phillip is standing by live covering the president there. packed house. would he know he's just touched down shaking some hands before he heads toward the venue where you are, abby. obviously, like jovial, people getting pictures of him. but, you know, you think about this, and you think about the videos that we have seen, as we just